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Taking our production to the next level

It's only when you're flying above it

that you realise how incredible the earth really is. 

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We offer stunning aerial stills or videos at highly affordable prices. So whether you’re an estate agent, a business, a property developer, or broadcaster covering the North East, you’re in qualified hands with Castle Productions.

We operate mainly in Newcastle Upon Tyne, County durham, Middlesbrough, York and Leeds. However we can operate anywhere in the world that you want us to capture. From Scotland to Manchester to Wales to London. We will even operate abroad if you need us. Providing airspace and drone laws are clear.

Our team comprising of both a camera operator and pilot, operate industry leading DJI 4k Raw camera technology.

The use of Drone camera in video production has become increasingly popular. But to legally use footage or stills taken from a drone or ‘UAV’ (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) commercially, you need to make sure the person who shot the material has a Civil Aviation Authority Permission for Commercial Operations(PFCO) and is appropriately insured.


That’s where we come in.


Before flying, we will assess the airspace – contacting air traffic control where necessary, carry out a full risk assessment and make sure all safety precautions are in place. Only then can we get airborne to grab those aerial drone shots.



Our Drones

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

1 inch Hasselblad Camera

4K Video with 10-Bit 

20 Megapixels Raw photos

DJI Inspire 1

X5r Micro four Thirds Camera

4K Cinema DNG

4K ProRes

12-Bit Raw

12.8 Stops of Dynamic Range

16 megapixels Raw photos



There are restrictions on where – and when – drones can fly. Generally, the public can’t fly within what the CAA define as a ‘congested area’ – but our CAA permission gives us the authority to do so. However, we still need to abide by a set of rules that are designed with public safety in mind.

Broadly, we can’t take off or land within 30 metres of people, structures or vehicles that aren’t ‘under our control’. And once we’ve taken off, we must maintain a distance of least 50 metres from those people, structures and vehicles – unless we have gained permission, in which case we can get as close as is safe. Assessing whether or not a flight can proceed in a congested area can be a relatively complex task – and each case is different.

Flying drones can be very weather dependant. It’s best to book your drone & operator hire as early as possible to allow us to to take advantage of better weather conditions and for us to plan ahead of time. 

So, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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