video gear with laptop, drone and camera for castle productions video and photography work


We apply an effective work
process that has been proven to
guarantee brilliant results
zoom micphone that records audio during the castle productions meeting with client to discuss how we can maximise engagement with their audience


Before starting on a new project, we aim to meet and listen to what our client wants to achieve. As we want to here our client's story and see the client's vision.


​As a team we sit down and begin the pre production process. We discuss potential ways and ideas we can market our client so they get the most out of our service.

Castle productions pre-production work before we create our engaging video or photography content
castle productions filmming some engaging video content for our client


​After developing an efficient storyline and video outline, we bring our team of cinematographers on board to shoot the content with the client. The length of this process will vary from idea to idea.


​Once our team are happy with the material captured, we pass the rushes onto our post production team made up of editors who sculpt the project together whilst keeping to the clients brief. Throughout the process our main priority is continuous communication with our clients to make sure they are happy with the progress of their production.

castle productions using industry standard video editing software adobe premiere pro to create the highest quality video content